Wedding Catering

Weddings are a time filled with joy and many lasting memories. Looking back to its meaning, the word “wedding” comes from the Anglo Saxon word “wed”, meaning vows to marry and the wedding ring dates back to ancient Egyptian history, with no beginning, no end, marriage shall last for an eternity.

  • We invest time with you to listen to your vision of your special day.Our boutique catering service gives your special day one on one attention all the way through the planning and execution process.
  • Our chefs will use only the finest and freshest ingredients and innovative techniques to ensure that your guest will be raving about the food. We will create a custom menu designed by you and our culinary team.
  • Our relationships with our wedding vendors will make sure all the details of your wedding have been thought of and planned for.
  • Our professional uniformed staff will make sure you, your family and your friends have everything needed to celebrate your very special day. We will dedicate a server to make sure that the bride and groom have everything they need.
  • We create memorable taste experiences.


Brides today dream of a story book wedding, but now come the question: will I SURVIVE before my wedding? We want all our guests to think, “This is the BEST wedding ever”! Let TEP Catering be that helpful service and create the BEST for all your catering and wedding needs. What makes one think of a wedding as the BEST? Much thought and consideration should be given to every aspect of what a wedding entails. Think of TEP Catering as the magical genie that pops out of the bottle to provide all the catering services; sit back and enjoy this magical carpet ride! Knowing how important this “magical” celebration can be, it is a hectic, stressful and significant task to plan for this celebration. Months and months of research and planning so far in advance, becomes overwhelming and time consuming, especially for those with busy careers.

Our Experience

With many years of experience, here in Atlanta, our family owned business provides more than just catering; TEP Catering provides help with all the services you will need. Our professional event planners will consult with you in your wedding celebration to make it as perfect as can be for you and your guests.

Of course, a helpful suggestion is to create a perfect plan of action, or a checklist, for your wedding. At TEP Catering, we will not forget the little things that make a difference for that special day.

Yes, TEP Catering is ready for all your catering needs, but did you know that selecting a venue, whether it is an intimate gathering or a large event, historic or unique, TEP Catering can help? Need assistance with flowers and décor? TEP Catering, can give suggestions. Need help finding the perfect music and entertainment? TEP Catering will help with those “vibes”, too. When you think of your wedding event, think TEP Catering as a one stop shop!


In today’s economy, costs and staying within a budget are always concerns for the new bride-to-be when planning. Whether you prefer a lavish, formal event, or a small intimate gathering, TEP Catering, offers affordable pricing that will assure you the best of everything for the best price within your budget. Any specialty food items you prefer to have served at your event? Will your menu be innovative or traditional? Do you have a special theme you wish to convey? What about floral design and décor to coordinate with your catering? At TEP Catering, we will help create a menu for your special day with all your flavorful choices that match your foodie desires, as well as, visually and tastefully appealing!

Imagine now the special day has arrived. It will be a happy, memorable event, as your storybook wedding becomes a reality. You have taken that magical carpet ride with TEP Catering, and we will not stop the ride, until we have made it perfect!